problem need help

Guy McArthur guym at
Sat Apr 29 05:35:47 EST 2000

I've installed the openss* rpm's from
on a redhat 6.2 system.

sshd is running but refuses all connections from all hosts including
localhost. The client reports debug: Connection established.
ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host
debug: Calling cleanup 0x8056160(0x0)                                          

I can't slogin as myself on localhost, can't login as root (even though
I've generated a key pair, and put it in root's .ssh/authorized_keys).

What gives?
Guy "Smiley" McArthur
[email] guym at  [home#] 520.326.4555 [work#] 520.881.8101 

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