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Jim Knoble jmknoble at
Sat Apr 29 05:52:06 EST 2000

Circa 2000-Apr-28 12:46:56 -0700 schrieb Guy McArthur:

: > I think ssh adheres to /etc/hosts.allow and /etc/hosts.deny
: > 
: Okay, thanks a lot. Usually, only inetd spawned daemons use tcp wrappers,
: right?

Actually, anything that's built with tcp-wrappers support also uses it.
For example, under many Linux distributions, the portmap daemon and
rpc.mountd have historically used tcp-wrappers.  Exim (a mail transport
agent),'s ssh v1, and OpenSSH all can be built with support for
tcp-wrappers as well.

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