OpenSSH ssh-keygen on Solaris8 x86

Brian Carrier carrier at
Sun Apr 30 07:24:31 EST 2000

I haven't actually used OpenSSH with EGD, but I've been using EGD for some
research and have had 0.7 running on Solaris.  The only thing I can recommend
is to run the client program:

# eg/ /etc/entropy get 
# eg/ /etc/entropy readb 256

The first tells you  how much entropy EGD has collected and the second
does a blocking read (equivalent to the statement in random.c).  You can
also run egd with --debug-client and it will display info on the requests
it gets, so it will tell you when you run 'make host-key' if there is enough
entropy for your request.  If the readb command returns data, then I would
assume the problem is somewhere in OpenSSH.  If it doesn't return data, then
EGD is not collecting any entropy from the system commands.  At that point, 
you can do a --debug-gather in and it will display when the system
commands return and with how much entropy.

I don't believe 'make test' does much except test the SHA installation.  

hope this helps,

On Sat, Apr 29, 2000 at 08:17:59PM -0400, Patrick Gardella wrote:
> I'm having a bit of trouble generating a host key on an x86 Solaris 8
> system.
> I've gotten the following built and installed:
> egd-0.7
> openssl-0.9.5a
> openssh-1.2.3
> My perl version is 5.005_03.
> egd is running, and tests fine the egd "make test" and with:
> #./ /etc/entropy get
> 22 sources found
> forking into background...
> server starting
> But when I go to "make host-key", it just sits there.  Tracking it down,
> the place it stops is in random.c (line 99):
>         c = atomicio(write, random_pool, egd_message,
> sizeof(egd_message));
>         if (c == -1)
>                 fatal("Couldn't write to EGD socket \"%s\": %s",
> rerror(errno));
>         c = atomicio(read, random_pool, buf, len);  <--------- HERE
> It's this last line it never completes (line 99)
> I noticed from the list archives that egd-0.7 is fairly new.  There was
> some talk on 4/20 about a similar problem ( John Weaver & Brian
> Carrier), but I don't see any conclusion.
> Any thoughts?
> Patrick
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