Announce: OpenSSH 2.1.1p2

Damien Miller djm at
Sat Jul 1 20:22:36 EST 2000

Announcing the release of portable OpenSSH 2.1.1p2.

This release primarily contains fixes to the bugs that have been
reported over the last month, in particular:

 - Invalid time bring written to utmp/wtmp on systems using bash2

 - Several lastlog fixes

 - AIX, SCO, Irix portability fixes

 - Avoid failures on PAM systems when using PAM authentication modules
   which require a tty.

 - Entropy collection fixes for Solaris.

 - EGD robustness improvements

 - Fixes and enhancements from the OpenBSD team:
   - Fixed options processing in authorized_keys2 file
   - Compatibility with commercial SSH 2.0.13 and 2.2.0
   - Numerous minor fixes

There are also a couple of new features:

 - Shadow password expiry support (no password change support yet)

 - Irix 6.x array sessions, project IDs and system audit trail IDs

 - Beginnings of Tru64 / OSF SIA (Security Integration Architecture) 

 - Beginnings of NeXT support

Version 2.1.1p2 will be available from the mirrors listed at (as soon as they update).

Many thanks to all those who tested the snapshots and/or contributed
bug reports and patches

Damien Miller

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