openssh-2.1.1p2 problem and fix

Ben Lindstrom mouring at
Sun Jul 2 06:31:49 EST 2000

On Sat, 1 Jul 2000, Darren Evans wrote:

> Hi all,
> trawled through the archives and did'nt find what I was looking for so here goes.
> This may be common knowledge or may not for the developers here ... maybe
> it will save someone some time anyhow.
> I'm running Redhat 6.2, **2.4.0-test1 kernel**, openssh-2.1.1p2.tar.gz, openssl-0.9.5a.tar.gz,
> with these options.
Suse 6.3, 2.4.0-test2-ac2, openssh-2.1.1p1.tar.gz (not had a chance to
upgrade since I just woke up to find a new release.=)

> sh configure --with-tcp-wrappers --with-md5-passwords --with-ipv4-default --with-pam
I just did ./configure and let it figure everything out.

No /etc/pam.d/sshd  (Which means pam should default to standard rules)

> /etc/pam.d/sshd
Mine is the default sshd rules provide in the contrib/ section.
(Which is almost the same except for the "account    required
/lib/security/" line

> ident /usr/local/sbin/sshd | grep -i pam
> Does not find pam.
I don't have ident installed, but strings /opt/openssh/sbin/sshd | grep -i
pam  show a good 12 lines the last one being the ident:

@(#)$Id: auth-pam.c,v 1.8 2000/06/22 11:44:54 djm Exp $

> I've also had odd problems with openssh-2.1.1p1.tar.gz on FreeBSD 3.5-STABLE,
> maybe i'll go into that one another day as my memory is hazy at the moment.
> My configuration files are the standard ones when installed.
> When I set the link back on /usr/src/linux to /usr/src/linux-2.2.12 and
> recompiled openssh **sshd actually worked**.
> Also note that when sshd was run under Linux-2.4.0-test1 but recompiled
> under 2.2.12 it **ran as expected**.
ermm.. This is interesting.. Since I've been runnning the whole gambit
of kernels (from the late 2.3.x kernels) and I've not seen this problem.

Have you set OpenSSH's configure decide on your configuration options
instead of forcing which ones it should pick?

Ben Lindstrom

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