Control-c not work under openssh?

John Horne J.Horne at
Wed Jul 5 19:04:08 EST 2000

On 05-Jul-00 at 08:17:58 Nils Ellmenreich wrote:
> <rough guess> 
> sshd might be doing something wrong when initializing the
> pty/tty. A truss/strace comparison of Solaris 8 and Linux shows that the
> Linux sshd does some more ioctls on the tty during login. Maybe su and
> zsh repair the problem by default but bash and sh don't.  
> </rough guess>
Well, thanks for the confirmation that it isn't just me :-)

A minor point I'd also add is that I use the Korn shell (ksh) on Solaris 7.
It happens with ksh as well.


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