Test snapshot

Damien Miller djm at mindrot.org
Tue Jul 11 18:33:59 EST 2000

Can interested users please test the latest snapshot at

It contains quite a few fixes for small problems that have been 
reported in the last few weeks.

Pending feedback it is going to become 2.1.1p3

Damien Miller

--------------- Changelog:

 - (djm) Fixup for AIX getuserattr() support from Tom Bertelson
   <tbert at abac.com>
 - (djm) ReliantUNIX support from Udo Schweigert <ust at cert.siemens.de>
 - (djm) NeXT: dirent structures to get scp working from Ben Lindstrom 
   <mouring at pconline.com>
 - (djm) Fix broken inet_ntoa check and ut_user/ut_name confusion, report 
   from Jim Watt <jimw at peisj.pebio.com>
 - (djm) Replaced bsd-snprintf.c with one from Mutt source tree, it is known
   to compile on more platforms (incl NeXT).
 - (djm) Added bsd-inet_aton and configure support for NeXT
 - (djm) Misc NeXT fixes from Ben Lindstrom <mouring at pconline.com>
 - (djm) OpenBSD CVS updates:
   - markus at cvs.openbsd.org  2000/06/26 03:22:29
     cleanup, less cut&paste
   - markus at cvs.openbsd.org  2000/06/26 15:59:19
     [servconf.c servconf.h session.c sshd.8 sshd.c]
     MaxStartups: limit number of unauthenticated connections, work by 
     theo and me
   - deraadt at cvs.openbsd.org 2000/07/05 14:18:07
     use no_x11_forwarding_flag correctly; provos ok
   - provos at cvs.openbsd.org  2000/07/05 15:35:57
   - aaron at cvs.openbsd.org   2000/07/05 22:06:58
     [scp.1 ssh-agent.1 ssh-keygen.1 sshd.8]
     Insert more missing .El directives. Our troff really should identify 
     these and spit out a warning.
   - todd at cvs.openbsd.org    2000/07/06 21:55:04
     [auth-rsa.c auth2.c ssh-keygen.c]
     clean code is good code
   - deraadt at cvs.openbsd.org 2000/07/07 02:14:29
     sense of port forwarding flag test was backwards
   - provos at cvs.openbsd.org  2000/07/08 17:17:31
     [compat.c readconf.c]
     replace strtok with strsep; from David Young <dyoung at onthejob.net>
   - deraadt at cvs.openbsd.org 2000/07/08 19:21:15
   - ho at cvs.openbsd.org      2000/07/08 19:27:33
     [compat.c readconf.c]
     Better conditions for strsep() ending.
   - ho at cvs.openbsd.org      2000/07/10 10:27:05
     Get the correct message on errors. (niels@ ok)
   - ho at cvs.openbsd.org      2000/07/10 10:30:25
     [cipher.c kex.c servconf.c]
     strtok() --> strsep(). (niels@ ok)
 - (djm) Fix problem with debug mode and MaxStartups

 - (djm) Only enable PAM_TTY kludge for Linux. Problem report from
   Kevin Steves <stevesk at sweden.hp.com>
 - (djm) Match prototype and function declaration for rresvport_af.
   Problem report from Niklas Edmundsson <nikke at ing.umu.se>
 - (djm) Missing $(DESTDIR) on host-key target causing problems with RPM 
   builds. Problem report from Gregory Leblanc <GLeblanc at cu-portland.edu>
 - (djm) Replace ut_name with ut_user. Patch from Jim Watt
   <jimw at peisj.pebio.com>
 - (djm) Fix pam sprintf fix
 - (djm) Cleanup entropy collection code a little more. Split initialisation
   from seeding, perform intialisation immediatly at start, be careful with
   uids. Based on problem report from Jim Watt <jimw at peisj.pebio.com>
 - (djm) More NeXT compatibility from Ben Lindstrom <mouring at pconline.com>
   Including sigaction() et al. replacements
 - (djm) AIX getuserattr() session initialisation from Tom Bertelson 
   <tbert at abac.com>

 - (djm) Fix bad fprintf format handling in auth-pam.c. Patch from 
   Aaron Hopkins <aaron at die.net>
 - (djm) Fix incorrect configure handling of --with-rsh-path option. Fix from
   Lutz Jaenicke <Lutz.Jaenicke at aet.TU-Cottbus.DE>
 - (djm) Fixed undefined variables for OSF SIA. Report from 
   Baars, Henk <Hendrik.Baars at nl.origin-it.com>
 - (djm) Handle EWOULDBLOCK returns from read() and write() in atomicio.c 
   Fix from Marquess, Steve Mr JMLFDC <Steve.Marquess at DET.AMEDD.ARMY.MIL>
 - (djm) Don't use inet_addr. 

 - (djm) Fix brace mismatch from Corinna Vinschen <vinschen at cygnus.com>
 - (djm) Stop shadow expiry checking from preventing logins with NIS. Based
   on fix from HARUYAMA Seigo <haruyama at nt.phys.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp>
 - (djm) Use standard OpenSSL functions in auth-skey.c. Patch from
   Chris, the Young One <cky at pobox.com>
 - (djm) Fix scp progress meter on really wide terminals. Based on patch 
   from James H. Cloos Jr. <cloos at jhcloos.com>


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