X11 Forwarding Problems

Garrick James garrick at james.net
Wed Jul 12 02:38:20 EST 2000

I have run into a strange problem with openssh-2.1.1p2.  I have it
installed on two Linux machines (both Debian Slink).  When connecting to
them using Tera Term Pro with SSH extensions (a windows SSH1 client), X11
forwarding works fine.

The problem is when I try to ssh from one Linux machine to the other.  No
X11 forwarding is ever set up.  I ran debug runs of both the client and
server ends.  The client gives a debug message saying that it is
requesting X11 forwarding using authentication spoofing.  At about the
same time, the server gives a debug message saying that X11 forwarding is
disabled in the user's config file.  Then end result is that no X11
forwarding is set up.

Neither of the systems have $HOME/.ssh/config files for the users I've
been using for testing.  Both machines have "X11Forwarding yes" in the
system-wide sshd_config file and both machines have "ForwardX11 yes" in
the system-wide ssh_config file.

Has anyone else seen this problem?  Anyone have any ideas what could be
wrong?  Am I brain dead and just setting something up wrong, or is there
indeed a bug crawling around here?


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