X11 Forwarding Problems

Garrick James garrick at james.net
Wed Jul 12 14:16:55 EST 2000


I grabbed openssh-SNAP-2000071103 and it works now.  I thought I was
keeping up on the list messages, but I must have missed this bug fix

Thanks to all those who have helped make OpenSSH so great!

On Wed, 12 Jul 2000, Damien Miller wrote:

> > Has anyone else seen this problem?  Anyone have any ideas what could be
> > wrong?  Am I brain dead and just setting something up wrong, or is there
> > indeed a bug crawling around here?
> There has been at least one bug relating to X forwarding fixed 
> recently. Can you replicate your problem with the snapshots at
> http://www.mindrot.org/misc/junk ?
> -d

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