sshd -i problem under 2.1.1p4 as well

David Duffy davidD at
Mon Jul 17 13:09:29 EST 2000

I have encountered the same problem with sshd -i (under Mandrake linux 6.1)
as that described by Ben L Perkins, this time with 2.1.1p4:   ...

Last login: Mon Jul 17 12:04:50 2000 from
-bash: ²oe90: command not found
-bash: glorious: command not found
-bash: Ó]r90: command not found
-bash: marshall4: command not found
Connection to closed.

Jul 17 11:55:44 orpheus PAM_pwdb[14041]: (sshd) session opened for user davidD 
                                         by (uid=0)
Jul 17 11:55:45 orpheus sshd[14041]: syslogin_perform_logout: 
                                     logout() returned an error

The junk includes names of hosts on our local network who engage in ftp
or telnet with my machine.  There is no problem when sshd is run as a
demon on another port. 

Cheers, David Duffy.

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