scp not shutting down in 2.1.1p4

Lutz Jaenicke Lutz.Jaenicke at aet.TU-Cottbus.DE
Tue Jul 18 19:28:19 EST 2000

On Tue, Jul 18, 2000 at 11:24:32AM +0200, Lutz Jaenicke wrote:
> When I do a "scp file targethost:path", on targethost a "sshd" process is
> left running. I do use
>   --with-default-path="/usr/local/openssh/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/local/bin"
> to assure, that the corrensponding openssh-scp is used.

> It also seems, that normal sessions are not always closed properly.

Oops, I withdraw this last remark. I had a window open on another host
that was still listed.
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