OpenSSH bug with Trusted/UX

Robert Pouliot robert.pouliot at
Wed Jul 19 05:50:11 EST 2000

Being brave and bold (or more exactly needing a SSH on HP Trusted/UX
systems), I decided to try OpenSSH on them.

At first I did the (standard):
configure; gmake; gmake install
However, everytime it said that the password was wrong.

The problem reside in the fact that shadow.h does exist on HP-UX but
seem not detected by configure.
The normal non-Trusted, do have this file too, but according to the man
page it should only be used on Trusted/UX systems. My tests also seem to
indicate that this function return a NULL pointer on non-Trusted

Changing the
#define HAVE_SHADOW_H 1
in config.h and recompiling makes it work fine.

Due to my very limited knowledge of autoconf and requirement listed
above (Trusted vs non-Trusted) altough both systems do have the library
function (checking if result is NULL and keeping the value of "normal
passwd function" should be enough).


PS: I'm not subscribed, so please cc questions to my e-mail.

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