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Walter F Hoehn wassa at
Thu Jul 20 04:04:57 EST 2000


I recently tried to convert a dsa pubilc key from an client 
with the -X paramater.  ssh-keygen prints the converted key to STDOUT, 
but first prompts for the location of the keyfile to be converted.  So, 
re-directing the output of this program to authorized_keys2 does not 
work.  After browsing the source, I noticed that the -f paramater can 
be used with the -X paramter to specify the INFILE in this process.  
This is inconsistent with the other uses of -f (as an OUTFILE) and is 
confusing to some users.  As a matter of fact, that is why I was 
testing this...because some members of my userbase could not figure it 
out.  Can the -X paramater can be changed to accept a value of INFILE?  
I think that this would be far more intuitive from a user perspective.  
It would be a simple change and I would be willing to submit a diff if 

-Walter Hoehn

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