UseLogin creates duplicate 'last' entries; configure issue

Pekka Savola pekkas at
Thu Jul 20 16:37:33 EST 2000

Hello all,

I enabled UseLogin briefly on my homegrown Redhat Linux 6.2 system.

Redhat's 'login' is in /bin/login, not /usr/bin/login.  Perhaps this
check should be moved to autoconf rather than #define'd.

I also noticed that it creates "duplicate" 'last' entries:
esa      pts/1        x.y.z.159   Thu Jul 20 07:56   still logged in   
esa      pts/1        host.domain Thu Jul 20 07:56 - 07:56  (00:00)  
Anyone else notice this?

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Pekka.Savola at          not those you stumble over and fall"

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