fatal: Not enough entropy in RNG

Matthew C. Weigel weigel+ at pitt.edu
Fri Jul 21 04:59:42 EST 2000

On Thu, 20 Jul 2000, Ben Lindstrom wrote:

> Ermm.. May be something to look at in the future.  On my NeXT box I just
> use egd.pl.

That's the one running 4.2, not 3.3, right?  Steve Blackford, I think,
reported egd.pl working fine for him in 3.3, but I've had no such luck on my
HP... and I'm not familiar enough with named pipes to debug it
(although IIRC, 'file' reported it as a directory not a pipe, so perhaps
that's the problem...).

>              It works for the little traffic that occurs on that box at
> this moment.  I would perfer the internal ssh prng generator to work on my
> machine or a kernel based prng.. I'm not a fan of attempting to ensure
> that some external prng software is running.

Yeah, but I'd like anything that worked.

> OH.BTW..I've not tried it.. Anyone running the NeXT port that has a system
> handy (mine is not.. It's been brought down again for a while due to space
> restrictions on my subnet) try doing "UseLogin YES" in the sshd_config ..
> See if that temporary solves the utmp issue.  At least as a work around
> until we figure out what the trouble is.

I'm still tooling around with PRNG and trying to change stuff enough to get
sshd running.  I know someone else here at CMU who's wanting to use OpenSSH
on his hppa/NeXT system, so I'll point him towards that.

 Matthew Weigel
 weigel+ at pitt.edu

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