scp over 2 hosts

Rachit Siamwalla rachit at
Fri Jul 21 07:13:09 EST 2000

I dunno, if scp doesn't work, then you can always do the following:

copy from:
ssh hosta ssh hostb cat /tmp/yourfile > yourfile

copy to:
cat yourfile | ssh hosta ssh hostb "cat > /tmp/yourfile"

I use this to perform backups / remote restorations (replacing cat with

Stephan Hendl wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I have the that I must copy some through a Plag-Gateway of a Firewall over 2 host. A secure connection via "ssh - t hosta ssh -t hostb" works fine, but does this work with scp too? Icould not realize it either with scp (1.2.27 of or scp from openssh. Do you have any ideas?
> Thanks
> Stephan

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