Is it securely: `hostname`:10 ?

Nigel Metheringham Nigel.Metheringham at
Thu Mar 2 22:51:33 EST 2000

andre.lucas at said:
> You could add '--with-ipaddr-display' to your configure options to get
> DISPLAY in the form ''. However, if the host returns
> as the first address from gethostbyname(hostname) then this
> might not work as expected. If, as has been said, some hosts use an
> AF_UNIX socket whenever they detect the loopback address, this still
> won't work. 

Another seriously tacky solution, would be to check the hostname/ip 
mapping of the display hostname, and if it points to, change 
it so that you use as the display hostname.  Believe it or 
not this does work on the boxes I tries - the code that does the 
loopback "optimization" isn't bright enough to realise that in general 
the whole network is looped.

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