small bug in ssh-copy-id

Philip Hands phil at
Fri Mar 3 20:10:02 EST 2000

Jim Knoble <jmknoble at> writes:

> What's ssh-copy-id?  I've never heard of that.  It doesn't come with
> the openssh-1.2.2 tarball, that i know of.

Its a script I knocked up and included in the Debian package.  Its
been included in the Debian patches that I've submitted to Damien for
several releases, but he either didn't like it or didn't notice.

It's for getting RSA logins up and running in short order, you run this:

  ssh-copy-id user at machine

and it uses ssh to install your identity into the remote
.ssh/authorized_keys, and to ensure that the permissions of files and
directories are set correctly.

Obviously, you need to be able to log in for this to work, so either
password logins need to be enabled, or you need to populate your
ssh-agent with a key that already works, along with the new key(s) you
want to add.

Cheers, Phil.

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