FTP tunneling

Mike Fisk mfisk at lanl.gov
Sat Mar 4 04:16:45 EST 2000

If people haven't seen it, there's a pretty nice Java SSH client called

One of the things they did is add some hacks to make FTP tunneling over
SSH trivial.  This client looks at the data being forwarded over port 21
(ftp control port), and looks for the FTP PORT and PASV commands used to
establish the ftp data connections.  On-the-fly, it then opens up another
tunnel for the data connection and rewrites the address and port in the
FTP command to refer to the proper end of the tunnel.

It works very nicely and is nice functionality for people who are stuck
using FTP clients instead of SCP.

Damien, would you include a patch that included this functionality? 
Is anybody else interested in working on this before I get around to it?

Mike Fisk, RADIANT Team, Network Engineering Group, Los Alamos National Lab
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