SSH & xauth (fwd)

Sean Aaron Lisse nebulous at
Sat Mar 4 06:10:55 EST 2000

You're right.  I need to study my ssh distro more... had never even seen
ssh-askpass.  I withdraw my objection.

> > My main objection to this would be that it's dependent upon the dialog-box
> > program's presence.  You're tying down X forwarding to the
> > presence/absence of another (perhaps machine-specific!) program in the
> > system, and perhaps the compilation of SSH to the presence of X at all.
> > 
> >  Not a wonderful idea for a uniform text-based suite like SSH.  I'd have
> > no problems at all if SSH was originally designed to be GUI with adding
> > another dialog box.  Since it's not, however, I'd argue against it.
> I wasn't been paying complete attention, but there have been some threads
> on this list about the X programs (ssh-askpass, etc.) that prompt for
> passwords.  I would assume that this dialog box would be provided the same
> way that that functionality is provided (however that is or isn't
> bundled).
> The client could issue a text prompt in the tty, but that disrupts
> whatever output is on that window (which might also be iconified and
> ignored).

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