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Jim Knoble jmknoble at
Sun Mar 5 14:22:14 EST 2000

You've installed an OpenSSL library that doesn't include RSA support.
OpenSSH requires RSA support in OpenSSL, since it's required for the
SSH-1.5 protocol.

You'll need to either rebuild OpenSSL to include RSA support, or find a
binary package for your system that includes RSA support.  Remember
that, if you're in the USA, you need to use the RSAREF library to
provide RSA support in order to comply with patent licensing, until
September of this year.  I am not a lawyer.

jim knoble
jmknoble at

På 2000-Mar-04 klokka 21:26:41 -0500 skrivet Jim Faria:

: I've installed openssl-0.9.5 using rsaref.a. When I build ssh-1.2.2 with
: ./configure rsaref is still get the following error when running ssh: ssh:
: no RSA support in libssl and libcrypto.  See ssl(8).
: What am I doing wrong ?

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