checking for OpenSSL/SSLeay directory.....

Jay at Jay at
Tue Mar 14 06:16:57 EST 2000

In a message dated 3/13/00 2:12:56 PM Eastern Standard Time, jeetm at 

> This is a request for a little more detailed
>  information regarding the fix for the 1.2.2p1 on
>  Solaris 7.  Jay referenced missing quotes in the
> file, however I was unable to match his
>  reference.

Those quotes were in a test statement that's new to 1.2.3pre2; it wasn't in 
1.2.2p1.  For 1.2.2p1, you need to go to the configure program and change any 
mention of "-L$ssldir" to "-L$ssldir/lib"; I believe there are two or three.

If you haven't worked with configure before (I hadn't), note that you have to 
change configure itself - the .in file is used to create configure before the 
package is uploaded, but once it's on your system the .in is never used.  


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