ssh works only as root

Mate Wierdl mw at
Tue Mar 14 07:56:16 EST 2000

On Mon, Mar 13, 2000 at 03:17:34PM -0500, Ben Taylor wrote:
> Add "env LDFLAGS='-R/space/local/lib'" to your configure line.

This is it, thx.  All is well now.

> I just built openssl-0.9.5 and openssh-1.2.2 and everything worked.
> (Solaris 7, x86, gcc-2.95.2)

Right now, I have only openssh-1.2.2 on top of openssl-0.9.4, but I'll
try now openssl-0.9.5.

May I ask you for your pam config lines?  (I guess, I have an older
pam with a pam conf file, but that makes no difference I guess).


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