Problems compiling 1.2.2 on HP-UX 10.20

matsf at matsf at
Wed Mar 15 02:16:36 EST 2000

I'm trying to compile OpenSSH-1.2.2 on HP-UX 10.20 but
immediately fall into the problem pit..

I've got gcc v2.8.1 and the first error is something 

defines.h:93: parse error before `u_int64_t`

I got around this by uncommenting (guessing) line 118
in config.h:

#define HAVE_UINTXX_T 1

But then I got another error when trying to compile
sshd.c, I get an error message like:

sshd.c:2408: 'MAIL_DIRECTORY' undeclared

Are there known problems compiling on Hp-UX 10.20 ?

Mats (not subscribed to this alias)

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