Config problem Solaris 2.7

Jay at Jay at
Wed Mar 15 03:19:11 EST 2000

In a message dated 3/14/00 11:00:33 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
j.gritsch at writes:

> The problm seems to be "-I/usr/include". IMHO a rather redundant entry,
>  but
>  after removing it, openssh compiled beautifully. I have no idea behind the
>  intention of including those standard files, maybe they are needed in 
>  machines running both cc and gcc.
>  At least in Solaris 2.7 wiht gcc only it´s necessary to suppress that
>  entry in Makefile.

I believe Damien's already making this fix for the next rev.  I'm not sure 
why /usr/include needs to be there either, but assuming some people do need 
it, putting it as -dirafter instead of -I should fix the problem for all 
(assuming that -idirafter is accepted by many compilers..)


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