Problem with 1.2.3pre4 and RSAref

David Rankin drankin at
Sat Mar 18 08:25:53 EST 2000

The following code snippet will not compile support for RSAref on NetBSD even
if it exists on the system (which breaks OpenSSL):

        for WANTS_RSAREF in "" 1 ; do

                if test -z "$WANTS_RSAREF" ; then
                        LIBS="$saved_LIBS -lcrypto"
                        LIBS="$saved_LIBS -lcrypto -lRSAglue -lrsaref"

It appears that the code referenced in configure just before line 1950 works
correctly even without the RSAglue and rsaref libraries, but "in production"
work fails needing "_RSAPrivateDecrypt".

If someone wants to run a patch by me on this one, I'll be happy to
test it.


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