Keysize mismatch error on host key

Tim G. Farrell tfarrell at
Tue Mar 21 01:29:28 EST 2000

Its OpenSSL version 0.9.5 on both the Linux and Solaris sides of the
connection. If theres something better to run, let me know. 

Could the identity files cause an error like this, even though its
talking about the known_hosts file ? I wonder. I supplied the identity
files to the other side of the connection, mostly to make it easier for
them. Maybe they got currupted in transmition.  

Damien Miller wrote:
> On Fri, 17 Mar 2000, Tim G. Farrell wrote:
> > I've got a problem that I'm hoping the list can help with, otherwise ...
> >
> > Heres the problem, I've got OpenSSH 1.2.2p1 running on my Intel Linux
> > box as the secure server. I can connect from another Intel Linux box
> > using scp and it all seems to work fine.
> What version of OpenSSL are you running on the Linux box?
> These errors are often symptomatic of a OpenSSL version mismatch.
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