NeXTSTEP support

Matthew C. Weigel weigel+ at
Sat Mar 25 15:58:12 EST 2000

On Fri, 24 Mar 2000, Ben Lindstrom wrote:

> I guess I should field this.
> I currently have a very nasty patch set for 1.2.3pre3 to let it compile
> under NeXTStep 4.2 .. It mostly works.  There are a few errors it spews
> out, and signal support is a bit spotty in readpass.c

Hmmm... I use NeXTSTEP on an HP, which is only supported by 3.3.  Due to
the vageries of NeXT, if you build it from 4.2 it won't run on my machine. 

> If you want to have a copy of my current 1.2.3pre3 tree that's fine.
> I plan on putting out a patchset for 1.2.3 final in the next day.

I'd appreciate it.  I'd really like ssh on my HP, and even the port of the
non-free SSH doesn't run on it.

> And hopefully some smaller patches that will be accepted into 
> the core OpenSSH software until I feel happy with the major
> of the patches.
> BTW.. I don't use the libposix.a due to all the bugs, so the patch
> is a decent size.

I wouldn't, myself :)

 Matthew Weigel
 weigel+ at

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