FreeBSD 3.1 & OpenSSH 1.2.3

Mike Esler mike.esler at
Tue Mar 28 07:07:59 EST 2000

Hi all,

I am trying to get OpenSSH working on an i386 BSD 3.1 box we have.
Everything compiles OK, installs, and I can launch SSHD.
Here is a sample session of sshd with the debug switch:

computer# /usr/local/sbin/sshd -d
debug: sshd version OpenSSH-1.2.3
debug: Bind to port 22 on
Server listening on port 22.
Generating 768 bit RSA key.
RSA key generation complete.
debug: Server will not fork when running in debugging mode.
Connection from port 909
debug: Client protocol version 1.5; client software version
debug: Sent 768 bit public key and 1024 bit host key.
debug: Encryption type: 3des
debug: Received session key; encryption turned on.
debug: Installing crc compensation attack detector.
debug: Starting up PAM with username "mesler"
debug: Attempting authentication for mesler.
Failed rsa for mesler from port 909
debug: PAM Password authentication for "joe.blow" failed: Module is
Failed password for mesler from port 909

On the user end, the only error I get is :
Permission denied, please try again.

Here is what the error spits into the logs:
Mar 27 14:32:15 tortoise sshd[66176]: adding faulty module:
Mar 27 14:34:55 tortoise sshd[66380]: unable to
Mar 27 14:34:55 tortoise sshd[66380]: [dlerror: /usr/lib/
symbol "crypt"

I have included the 4 PAM entries that came from the
$SRCDIR/contrib/sshd.pam.freebsd into my pam.conf file.
Those lines are:
sshd    auth    required
sshd    account required
sshd    password required
sshd    session required

the login entry in my pam.conf file also uses

Can someone shed some light on this for me?  What am I missing?
It almost seems as if the server is using the wrong encryption type.

Thanks in advance.

Mike Esler
Sverdrup Technology
System Administrator

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