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Damien Miller djm at
Wed Mar 29 12:21:43 EST 2000

On Mon, 27 Mar 2000, Paul Thomas wrote:

> No, I didn't do that but now I just did and still no go. I recompiled
> ssh without PAM support to try and simplify things somewhat.
> I just changed the LogLevel from INFO  to DEBUG in sshd_config and
> restarted sshd, but the logging has not become more verbose or
> if logging is not in /var/log/messages, I don't know where the
> logging is being written to.

The easiest way to get verbose debugging is to run sshd in debug

ssh -d -p 2222

Will start a sshd in the foreground with all logs going to stderr
listening on port 2222. You can then connect to it with:

ssh -p 2222 localhost 

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