/etc/urandom and Solaris

Paul Allen paul.l.allen at boeing.com
Wed Mar 29 14:33:58 EST 2000

Carl Brewer wrote:
> Sun *does* have a /dev/random, and it works with OpenSSH
> It's not bundled, it's part of the package SUNWski.
> You can find SUNWski on Sunsolve if you go scanning through the
> patch reports.

Hmmm...  There are both international and domestic versions of the
Sun Web Server patch that contains SUNWski.  One can only download
the international version with no crypto.  Will the international
version have a functioning /dev/random, or will I have to get the
folks at 1-800-USA4SUN to send me a tape?

Also, the above patches are from 1998.  I need this to work on
Solaris 8.  Has anybody tried this?  Or am I back to 1-800-USA4SUN?


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