Password and RH 6.1

Paul Thomas paul at
Thu Mar 30 19:07:08 EST 2000

On Thu, 30 Mar 2000, Nigel Metheringham wrote:

>   3. Best of all make/get/rebuild openssl as an RPM.  There is a 
>      current one, with SRPM too at
> 6.html

Thanks for the pointer to the openssl rpm. I picked it up, installed 
it, the other openssh rpms then installed correctly, the whole proces
took about 3 minutes and now it all works! Hee, kind of takes the
fun out of it.

> I have come to the conclusion that on a package managed system like RH, 
> any software that does not live in a user's own directories, should 
> always be built and installed as packages.  This allows you to be able 

You are probably right. I am used to incrementally upgrading
things and just don't like feeling dependant on someone to create
an RPM I might need. That's my problem.

Thank you all for you patience once again and thank you Damien
Miller for your great work!


--Paul T.

'...if clones are outlawed then only outlaws will have clones...'

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