How to install openssh?

Andrew Stribblehill a.d.stribblehill at
Thu Mar 30 19:11:47 EST 2000

Quoting Jonathan Eckstein <jeckstei at>:
> Would it be too much to ask what commands I should place where to get
> ssh to work and sshd and egd (if necessary) automatically started at
> system boot?  

If it would help, I have packaged (in the Sun fashion) OpenSSH
1.2.3 along with the pertinent bits of openssl-0.9.4 and egd-0.6
in such a way that it installs into /usr of a Solaris system. It
has been developed on a Solaris 7 box but compatibility with
Solaris 2.6 has been vaguely tested.

I probably put in some Durham-specific things so you may need to
modify some stuff if you want it. If this proves to be of
large-scale interest, I can probably maintain a standard version
and a Durham version (if the boss lets me!)


Andrew Stribblehill
Systems Programmer, IT Service, University of Durham, England

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