Announce: openssh-2.0.0beta1

Ishikawa ishikawa at
Wed May 3 03:24:02 EST 2000

Damien Miller wrote:

> The beta release is available from
> Note that this release _requires_ OpenSSL 0.9.5 or greater.

Thank you for the great openssh package.
I have downloaded and began testing the beta.
A few things I noticed.

- For unknown reasons, I failed to ftp the .sig file for beta from au
  (Strange. Maybe this is my peculiar netscape bug or something. YMMV.)

- The use of atomicio for read/write that saved the people
   who experienced scp failures is not reflected in scp.c, it seems.
   read() calls are not wrapped in atomicio at all.
   Most of write() calls except two are wrapped in atomicio.

Happy Hacking,


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