OpenSSH and Kerberos V support...

Mike Fisk mfisk at
Mon May 8 00:47:18 EST 2000

You have good timing.  I just asked Theo (head of OpenBSD) and even with
the new US crypto laws, he still wants to keep US crypto code out of the
source.  So that rules out the patch that LANL had.

On February 7, I forwarded to the openssh list a link to a patch to make
OpenSSH work with Heimdal.  The auther appears to be in the Czech
Republic.  However, I didn't see any reaction to it on the openssh list.  
The patch still seems to be available at:

Many of us would greatly appreciate it if someone in the free world would
please produce a patch for the current version of OpenSSH and submit it to

Mike Fisk, RADIANT Team, Network Engineering Group, Los Alamos National Lab
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