ANNOUNCE: portable openssh-2.1.0

James H. Cloos Jr. cloos at
Wed May 10 18:38:39 EST 2000

I just upgraded one box from 2.0.0beta2 and another from 1.2.27-4i via RPM.
(I compiled the src.rpm on each box myself; no errors were reported.)

It went mostly OK.  On the box which was still at 1.2.27, sshd would not
restart; the ssh_config and sshd_config files were not replaced; the new
ones were named *.rpmnew rather than the old ones saved as *.rpmsave.

Happily, since I was doing it over an ssh connection, the existing sessions
were not killed when sshd(8) was.  This allowed me to fix it and get the
server up. :)

Small bug, though.  From README.openssh2, I tried:

        cd ~/.ssh
        ssh-keygen -f authorized_keys -X >>authorized_keys2

where ~/.ssh/authorized_keys only contained one key.  I got in return:

        buffer_get: trying to get more bytes than in buffer

and an empty authorized_keys2 (to be expected since bash had already
created the file before exec(2)ing ssh-keygen).

So I used ssh-keygen -d to create new id_dsa{,.pub} files, transfered
the .pubs over and added them to each authorized_keys2 file.

But it is still defaulting to protocol 1 even though I have 2,1 in the
sshd_config files.

Finally, ssh -2 -v is unusable for interactive use; it prints debug
messages for all data transfered; this does not occur when using
protocol 1.*.

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