Socks support

Madsen Wikholm madsen at
Thu May 11 05:29:15 EST 2000


This is not exactly a development contibution but more an expression of
opinion. Didn't find a better place to send this to.

I've been using openssh on Linux for some time now. Works just fine with one

Since I work at a company which likes to live behind a wall we use a socks
firewall for allowing some connections to the world (we *should* be a part of
it, but I'm not sure ;-).

So my problem is that the Dante support code was removed and supposed to be
replaced with a ProxyCommand. My question is now: "Where's the beef?".

Maybe I'm blind but I can't find any way of getting my ssh to work with a
socks proxy. Some form of pointer in the readme or install would be nice. The
Dante support in an older verion works great.

I'm not on the list, so I be greatful for a CC to my address if you reply.

says madsen.

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