Patch: OpenSSH 2.1.0 under Solaris 8, Solaris 7 and other systems , too

Bladt Norbert Norbert.Bladt at
Fri May 12 23:42:25 EST 2000

Hi !

Karsten Thygesen wrote:
>>>>> "carl" == carl  <carl at> writes:

> carl> Marc, I'm seeing the same problem if I use the inbuilt entropy
> carl> generator, but if I use SUNWski's /dev/random, it's fine.

> carl> ssh also coredumps if I use the built in entropy generator if I
> carl> run it in verbose mode.

> carl> This is on a Sun SPARC 10 running Solaris 8

> The same goes for Solaris-7. I also switched to SUNWski and it works
> just fine.

I found some time debugging the problem with using the built-in entropy
generator in openssh-2.1.0. In the current condition, it should crash on
every reasonable (?) system.

The problem is in entropy.c in a debug call with a string argument
(%s) of 0, if the command in ssh_prng_commands has no arg.
Interesting enough, there is a "#if 1" in front of the offending
statement and there is a note "FIXME: turn this off later", too.
Why turn it off, it should work now and is a useful information
in debug mode.

Patch is following here - it works for me and my ssh_prng_cmds, YMMV:

*** entropy.c.orig      Tue May  2 01:56:41 2000
--- entropy.c   Fri May 12 15:25:57 2000
*** 225,233 ****
--- 225,238 ----
                        } else {
  /* FIXME: turn this off later */
  #if 1
+                               if (entropy_sources[c].args[2] != 0)
                                debug("Command '%s %s %s' disabled (badness
+                               else
+                               debug("Command '%s %s' disabled (badness
+                                       entropy_sources[c].path,
+                                       entropy_sources[c].badness);

                                if (entropy_sources[c].badness > 0)

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