Patch: OpenSSH 2.1.0 under Solaris 8, Solaris 7 and other sys tems, too

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Sat May 13 01:14:45 EST 2000

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> Betreff:	Re: Patch: OpenSSH 2.1.0 under Solaris 8, Solaris 7 and
> other systems,  too
> Well spotted. Doh.
No problem. I had to use the debug mode to find out why the
X11 forwarding didn't work. Finally, the problem was in the client,

> I think an even better way to fix this would be to save the string as
> parsed from ssh_prng_cmds in the command's entropy_source_t, and print
> that in debug messages. It's a tiny amount of memory for what is, as you
> say, useful debugging info.
Sure. I did look at the sources for the first time and
do not know a lot of OpenSSH, yet.
So, just go ahead and apply your suggested fix for the next release
and we are all happy.

> So useful, in fact, that the bug occurred when I added the second
> parameter to Damien's prng code, likely as a temporary measure, and left
> it in...
It was easy to spot and temporarily fixed, anyway.


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