X11 Forwarding and Red Hat

Matthew C. Weigel weigel+ at pitt.edu
Fri May 19 01:35:48 EST 2000

I'm having some difficulty with X forwarding through SSH between OpenSSH and
normal ssh.  The problem system is running Red Hat 6.2, and I've seen
several references to Red Hat clobbering $XAUTHORITY.  Unfortunately, I
can't find where this clobbering is done (someone mentioned on Mandrake 7
it's in /etc/profile.d/, but it isn't here).

It's causing minor problems here, where one development server that I'm in
charge of is using OpenSSH and others (that coworkers are in charge of) are
running regular ssh.  Since we do GUI Java development, remote X display is
essential, and X forwarding makes it easier.

 Matthew Weigel
 weigel+ at pitt.edu

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