Kerberos V5 integration

Mike Fisk mfisk at
Mon May 22 02:43:56 EST 2000

On Sun, 21 May 2000, Simon Wilkinson wrote:

> > Are you also adding support for Kerberos to password authentication?
> Not yet. We currently use PAM to do this (as it means we can use a
> common ticket granting mechanism across all of our login
> authentication services). The patches that I'm working from do have a
> krb5_auth_passwd routine, but this isn't linked in to the main
> authentication routines anywhere.
> Once I've got the credentials passing and ticket granting stuff down to
> my, and those who get to add it to the release's, satisfaction, I'll look
> into adding this as well.

I assume that PAM still isn't available on some older platforms.  Even
when it is, it would be easier for our in-house distributions of SSH if we
could have this capability statically linked in.

Thanks again.
Sorry I can't help with the implementation from the US,
Mike Fisk, RADIANT Team, Network Engineering Group, Los Alamos National Lab
See for contact information

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