future of subsystem requests

Paul Heinlein heinlein at cse.ogi.edu
Tue May 23 04:15:59 EST 2000

I was testing the Linux port of 2.1.0p2 and noticed that the F-Secure SSH
client for Windows 4.0 couldn't successfully connect using its secure
file-transfer facility.

The server log reported that authentication was successful, then the log
left off with a semi-cryptic "subsystem request for sftp" line. After
that, nothing.

Poking around the source, I found this little routine in session.c (it
appears to be identical to the same routine in the OpenBSD source, so it's
not a porting issue):

  session_subsystem_req(Session *s)
      unsigned int len;
      int success = 0;
      char *subsys = packet_get_string(&len);

      log("subsystem request for %s", subsys);

      return success;

To my eyes, this looks like a planned no-op. Markus Friedl earlier 
reported that, as of late April, sftp was still on the to-do list. What
about the future (or lack thereof) of an OpenSSH subsystem facility in

Paul Heinlein
heinlein at cse.ogi.edu

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