further problems Re: scp not found with solaris 8/2.1.0p2

Tom Bertelson tbert at abac.com
Thu May 25 02:18:34 EST 2000

Richard June wrote:
> But when you use scp do /etc/environment or ${HOME}/.ssh/environment get
> read? I wasn't sure, and I haven't had time to play with them enough to
> know for sure. I'm of the opinion that BIN_PREFIX should find it's way
> into PATH *always* however that's not always possible, e.g. the user
> resets PATH in thier initscripts. however that's not OpenSSH's problem.

Yes, they are read. Scp does the equivalent of "ssh remotehost scp -t
destination". Hard-coding the path in the client doesn't work, since
each host may have it in a different directory.

I like the BIN_PREFIX idea. This is probably safer than _PATH_STDPATH.
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