ssh, .shosts and RH6.2: user logins ok, root not

MSCS Technician tech at
Thu May 25 07:06:07 EST 2000


I'm running OpenSSH 1.2.3 here on assorted Solaris and Linux machines.

On the Linux machines, users are able to ssh back and forth among
the machines without a password assuming proper .shosts files, but 
root is never able to do the same: it always gets prompted for a password.
I'm using RH6.2 here.  I've tried fiddling with PAM, /etc/securetty, 
/etc/hosts.equiv, all to no avail: I still get prompted for a password.

On the Solaris boxes using the same OpenSSH, ssh(d)_config files, 
and proper .shosts, both users and root can do the passwordless login.

Any ideas what else to try?  I'm sure it's something simple but I can't
see it.  I'd really like to do the .shosts authenticated remote root logins 
in some admin scripts.


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