IRIX6 experience

Lars Kellogg-Stedman lars at
Sat May 27 12:34:24 EST 2000

> -o32 or -32, -n32, and -64.  o32 is probably the right one to use for
> binaries distributed from an FTP site.

I wasn't going to reply until tomorrow because I'm dead tired, but I
wanted to nip this in the bud...*all* versions of Irix since 6.2, and
possibly earlier, use n32 as the default ABI.  o32 is deprecated and will
cause all manner of breakage because any locally compiled shared libraries
will probably be in n32 format.

The entire ssh config process has problems on Irix because it tries to
second guess the default library search path -- that is, it will
explicitly look for libraries in /usr/lib that are in fact in
/usr/lib32; I've seen folks with this problem post to the list in the

The safest course of action is to not worry about specifying the
ABI.  If a local installation has to support a deprecated binary format
they will have set up the appropriate compiler defaults.

-- Lars

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