Warning for expired password

douglas.manton at uk.ibm.com douglas.manton at uk.ibm.com
Tue May 30 00:18:16 EST 2000


I have added a small routine to connect.c after line 645 (right after the
motd gets printed) to test for an expired password and to prompt for a new
one.  This is AIX code but I guess something similar must exist for other

                if (passwdexpired(pw->pw_name,line)==1) {
                        printf("3004-610 You are required to change your
                        printf("        Please choose a new one.\n\n");

I have not made this available because it is a kludge to suit my
requirements.  I don't see why a simple three line password expiration
routing couldn't sit just here...?

Anyone see any problems with this?  Am I missing anything important?

Paul Faure wrote:
> Is it possible to get sshd to report the number of days till a password
> expires after a login ?
> If not, how else could I do it ?
> Thanks

 Doug Manton, AT&T EMEA Firewall and Security Solutions

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