Unable to use rdist in parrellel mode with 2.1.0p2 ...

Marc G. Fournier marc.fournier at acadiau.ca
Wed May 31 22:20:48 EST 2000

On Wed, 31 May 2000, Damien Miller wrote:

> On Tue, 30 May 2000, Marc G. Fournier wrote:
> > 
> > Morning all ...
> > 
> > 	using the following command to sync up the binaries on several
> > machines:
> > 
> > 	rdist -P /usr/slocal/bin/ssh -Rf /root/sync-systems
> > 
> > 	generates the following error message(s):
> > 
> (snip)
> > 	If I change the -Rf to -RFf, to force it to do one at a time, it
> > will work ... even narrowing it down to only 2 hosts at once generates the
> > same errors ...
> > 
> > 	This is on a Solaris 7/sparc machine ... contention for the
> > entropy pool? *raised eyebrow*
> Are you using EGD or the builtin entropy collection code?

builtin entropy code ...

> In any case what is really needed here is the full output from
> a failing client. Would it be possible to run the client with a wrapper
> to collect its log output to a file?

okay, when you say 'client', do you mean the side that I'm sending from
(ie. ssh -> sshd) or the side I'm connecting to?  if the first, I tried to
create  simple wrapper of:

/usr/slocal/bin/ssh -v ${*} >& /tmp/out.$$

that appears to generate a bunch of code, but I can't see any of them fail
this way :(

on the 'sshd' side of things, when I try to do a connect, I see (without
running with the above wrapper on the 'ssh' side of things):

RSA key generation complete.
debug: Server will not fork when running in debugging mode.
Connection from port 34960
Did not receive ident string from
debug: Calling cleanup 0x4a888(0x0)
debug: Calling cleanup 0x50418(0x0)
debug: writing PRNG seed to file //.ssh/prng_seed

the above wrapper, when I run with it, doesn't appear to try to do a
connection to the remote end, so either I'm writtin that wrong, or rdist
is expecting something that I'm not anticipating :(

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