Rob Hagopian rob at
Sat Nov 4 07:51:15 EST 2000

This is actually in regards to SNAP-20001016, I simply haven't had time to
upgrade all of our machines to the latest one...

But anyways, the hanging problem hasn't completely gone away for me. Over
the last few days I've noticed a few hung ssh processes. These are ssh2
connections that run automagicly (authorized DSA keys, scripts run out of
cron) doing things like 'find /usr -name *.ready'. All machines are
FreeBSD 3.5. I've had two (out of what are likely to be thousands) hang on
me in as many days now.

I hope to upgrade to the latest snap ASAP to provide more info, but I
thought I'd at least mention it before the 2.3.0p1 release...

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