HP-UX 11.0 libpam patch

Kevin Steves stevesk at sweden.hp.com
Mon Nov 6 06:47:25 EST 2000

Patch PHCO_22265 (s700_800 11.00 cumulative libpam and libpam_unix
patch) is now available that fixes a problem discussed a while back
on the list regarding an incorrect return value from pam_acct_mgmt(),
which effected the ability to change an expired password:

(SR: 8606160402 CR: JAGad29724)
           HP-UX is inconsistent with the PAM standard with respect
           to the return value for an expired password. libpam_unix.1
           returns PAM_AUTHTOK_EXPIRED when it detects an expired
           password; the PAM standard expects PAM_NEW_AUTHTOK_REQD to
           be returned.  This inconsistency causes a problem for
           programs written to run on multiple platforms.
           When an expired password is detected, libpam_unix.1 now
           returns standard PAM_NEW_AUTHTOK_REQD instead of

I'm running a pre-release of this patch and openssh-SNAP-20001028.tar.gz
on several 11.0 production hosts and things are working fine.

You can get this patch from:


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