suggested bsd-setproctitle.c

Kevin Steves stevesk at
Mon Nov 6 16:52:02 EST 2000

On Sun, 5 Nov 2000, Ben Lindstrom wrote:
: Can I suggest this minor change. To halt a bit of compiler grumble on
: BSD4.3 platforms. 
: It's complaining about unsued variable "__progname".
: I wanted to check with you before committing it incase you had some
: other plans in mind (and I know how I hate when others break my code =).

That should work.  But it seems this __progname issue could be cleaned
up by defining the variable in main() files if needed:

const char *__progname = "foo";

then declaring it (no ifdefs) if it's referenced:

extern const char *__progname;

This gets us closer to OpenBSD's tree with fewer ifdefs.

I'll do this patch unless someone points out what it will break :)

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